A Property Investment Guide by a Singaporean living in London

As WalkingProperty.com is a housing-focused blog, I’ve mainly been covering topics relating to property trends in London.

However, as many of my readers are also interested in the costs of other living essentials other than rents, so as a follow up to my earlier article, “Singapore or London: How Much I’ve Spent Living in Each City”, I wanted to give my own take on how other essentials such as eating out, entertainment and utilities compare, particularly from the perspective of a Singaporean living in London. It is no secret that rents are the largest expense for many working professionals in London, many spending up to 40% of their income on rent. But if you’ve always thought that everything in London is expensive, do read on – the below may surprise you!

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(This article by Harn Ho of WalkingProperty.com has been featured in several leading property websites, including Yahoo! News and Propwise.sg)

In Part One, “Overseas Property Investment: What You Should Know Before You Buy”, I discussed a number of steps a new investor can take to ensure they know what they are getting into before committing to an overseas property purchase. In Part Two, I will cover additional factors a buyer should think of when deciding what kind of property would be most suitable for their own individual circumstances.

1) Should You Go For Rental Yield or Capital Gains?


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(This article by Harn Ho of WalkingProperty.com has been featured in several leading property websites, including Yahoo! News and Propwise.sg)

For the many of us living in shoe-box flats in Singapore, the idea of owning a spacious overseas property at a fraction of what it would cost here often proves too tempting to ignore. If you’re seriously thinking of buying your first overseas property, read on for some tips before taking the plunge.

1. Go to exhibitions


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